Birth Control

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Planning your family the way you see fit is a priority at Reflections OB/GYN in the Viera area of Melbourne, Florida. Mark Sargent, MD, MBA, FACOG and nurse practitioners, Alison Badders, FNP-BC, and Laura Burgess, FNP-BC, offer an extensive range of birth control options, specializing in birth control pills, IUDs, and Nexplanon® implants. The team also provides comprehensive birth control counseling services to help you make the right choice for your health. Schedule a birth control consultation at Reflections OB/GYN by calling the office or by requesting an appointment online now.

Birth Control Q&A

What birth control options are available?

The birth control pill is just one option for preventing unwanted pregnancies. The team at Reflections OB/GYN offers a variety of birth control options that meet your family planning needs and protect your reproductive health.

Options for birth control include:

  • Vaginal ring
  • Oral medications
  • Intrauterine device (IUD)

Several types of IUDs are available, including Mirena® and Kyleena® — both of which use hormones to prevent pregnancy. If you can’t tolerate hormones, Paragard® is a hormone-free IUD option that uses copper to prevent sperm from fertilizing eggs.

Depo-Provera® — a progestin hormone birth control given by injections every three months to prevent pregnancy — is another option available. If you’re not interested in injections, you may be a candidate for Nexplanon, a small implant that goes beneath the surface of your skin that delivers a steady stream of hormones.

Which birth control option is right for me?

Your choice of birth control is both a personal one and one that the Reflections OB/GYN bases on your overall health and family planning needs. After a comprehensive exam and a review of your personal and family medical history, your provider can discuss your plans for a family.

If you’re able to tolerate hormones, the Reflections OB/GYN team may recommend oral birth control pills, an IUD, or Depo-Provera injections.

If you can’t tolerate hormones, you may be a candidate for a nonhormonal IUD or your provider can recommend other options to prevent complications.

If you’d like to discuss your options for birth control, contact Reflections OB/GYN by phone or by requesting an appointment online today.