Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Even a slight imbalance in your hormones can cause symptoms severe enough to impact your quality of life. At Reflections OB/GYN in the Viera area of Melbourne, Florida, nurse practitioners Alison Badders APRN, and Laura Burgess FNP-BC, specialize in hormone replacement therapy to ease symptoms and restore balance in your body. Our highly skilled Nurse Practitioners have longer appointment times in order to treat both men and women who are suffering from the side effects of low hormones, like chronic fatigue and low libido. Schedule a consultation at Reflections OB/GYN today using the online booking feature or by calling the office.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Q&A

What is hormone replacement therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy is a treatment that focuses on restoring the natural hormone levels in your body through supplemental hormones.

The team at Reflections OB/GYN uses bioidentical hormones, which are structurally very similar to the hormones your body makes naturally. Bioidentical hormones are made from plant materials, usually yams or soy.

By restoring balance and maintaining proper hormone levels, you can find long-term relief of your symptoms.

What are the symptoms of a hormone imbalance?

You can develop symptoms of a hormone imbalance if you have an underlying thyroid disorder. It’s also very common to develop an imbalance of your hormones as you get older. Women experience a drop in hormone production, especially estrogen and progestin, as they transition to menopause, the time when their periods stop for good.

As they age, men are also susceptible to a drop in hormone levels, specifically testosterone. This drop in male hormones is often referred to as andropause.

The most common symptoms men and women with a hormone imbalance include:

  • Dry skin
  • Hot flashes
  • Night sweats
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Irregular heart rate
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Reduced sex drive (libido)

Mood swings and disorders, like anxiety and depression, are also a common side effect of a hormone imbalance.

For some men and women, these symptoms can be mild, while others experience persistent or intense symptoms severe enough to interfere with their quality of life. If you’re having hormone-imbalance symptoms that limit what you can do, schedule a diagnostic appointment at Reflections OB/GYN.

What can I expect from hormone replacement therapy?

To confirm your symptoms relate to a hormone imbalance, the team at Reflections OB/GYN offers in-office blood testing to evaluate your hormone levels.

If low hormones are to blame for your symptoms, your provider can determine if bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is right for you by reviewing your personal and family medical history and existing health.

To address your symptoms with bioidentical hormones, your Reflections OB/GYN provider customizes your dosage according to your unique needs. It can take time to find the right dosage for resolving your symptoms and your provider works closely with you through follow-up appointments to monitor your therapy and make necessary dosage changes.

The bioidentical hormones you take are made by especially for you at a special compounding pharmacy. You may take the hormones as an oral pill or use creams or other topicals to deliver the hormones into your bloodstream, depending on your needs.

To learn more about the benefits of hormone replacement therapy, schedule a consultation at Reflections OB/GYN today using the online booking feature or by calling the office.