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If your desire for sex is declining or sexual activity is painful, you can find solutions at Reflections OB/GYN in the Viera area of Melbourne, Florida. Experienced OB/GYN Mark Sargent, MD, MBA, FACOG, and nurse practitioners, Alison Badders APRN, and Laura Burgess, FNP-BC, specialize in diagnosing and treating sexual dysfunction in women. The team offers several effective treatment options to address hormonal imbalances, vaginal dryness, or other concerns you have about your sexual health including the highly effective and non-hormonal MonaLisa Touch procedure. Book a consultation to discuss your options for boosting your sexual wellness by calling Reflections OB/GYN or by requesting an appointment online today.

Sexual Dysfunction Q&A

What causes sexual dysfunction?

Women can experience persistent or recurrent issues concerning their sexual health and wellness for a number of reasons.

One of the most common factors that interfere with sexual function is the natural aging process, especially when women begin transitioning to their postmenopause years, the time when their periods stop for good.

This is due to the reduced production of reproductive hormones like estrogen that can cause changes in the health of your vaginal tissue and reduce your desire for sex.

Other factors that contribute to sexual dysfunction include:

  • Stress
  • Emotions
  • Lifestyle
  • Relationships
  • Underlying medical conditions

As a result of these issues, you may notice changes in your sexual response or experience pain during sexual activity.

What tests diagnose sexual dysfunction?

To ensure changes in your sexual health are related to lifestyle factors or hormonal imbalances and not a more serious health condition, the team at Reflections OB/GYN takes the time to review your health history, the severity of your symptoms, and the issues in your life that may be influencing your sexual health.

Blood tests can confirm lower than normal hormone levels and your provider may also perform a pelvic exam to identify structural abnormalities in your vagina or reproductive tract.

What treatments are available for sexual dysfunction?

There are several ways you can boost your sexual desire and improve your sexual wellness. Your Reflections OB/GYN provider may initially recommend therapies to address stress, emotions, and lifestyle factors that may interfere with your sexual function.

If vaginal atrophy, dryness, and irritation due to a loss of estrogen are the root cause of pain and dysfunction, you may be a candidate for treatment with MonaLisa Touch®. This noninvasive treatment uses heat energy to stimulate renewed blood flow to your vaginal tissues to improve their health. You may also benefit from an increase in natural lubrication and heightened sexual sensations after a series of treatments with MonaLisa Touch.

If your sexual dysfunction results from a hormone imbalance, especially leading up to menopause, you may benefit from hormone replacement therapy. The team at Reflections OB/GYN uses bioidentical hormones to rebalance your system and relieve symptoms that affect your sexual health.

If you’re struggling with painful sex or a lackluster libido, schedule a consultation at Reflections OB/GYN by calling the office or by requesting an appointment online now.

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